“I have known and worked with Debra May Himes for over 25 years and throughout this time she has handled herself with professional and exceptional expertise. She works with the client and the architect as though we are all on the same page. She suggests rather than demands. She works with the client to reach their goals even though they may not be hers. She reaches the final solution that satisfies everyone involved in the project. She works with everyone to achieve the result that is successful and that the client believes is the output that they themselves have achieved. She works tirelessly to satisfy everyone involved on each project so that we all have a project that is the most successful and magnificent project obtainable. To work with Debra is a pleasure and an honor.

Thank you”

John Eden | Eden Architects


We appreciate all of the advice and guidance you gave us during the construction of our home.”

“All of guests have voiced such nice compliments about our wonderful home!”

“It is truly a real joy to see her work after the completion of a project.”

“Debra put us at ease by listening before making suggestions.”

“The wisdom she shared was really a common sense approach that allowed us to discover our own style.”

“Debra helped us with many crucial decisions, starting with the original concept of our home to the placement of accessories at move in.”

“I cannot stress the importance of having Debra’s input during the initial planning phases of our home. She was the perfect team player to help us achieve our vision.”

“I always find myself taking a moment to stand back and marvel at some of Debra’s innovative design features in our home. I know I will never get tired of her timeless designs.”

“Debra May Himes has done work for me on a personal basis and on a corporate level. In both instances she has started from the ground up and the results have been spectacular.”

“Debra always conducts herself as a professional with the owner’s best interests in mind.”

“She is a valuable team player who can motivate others and listens carefully to the client and also considers the overall program before making recommendations.”



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